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Satchandi Pooja


Satchandi Path and Yagya

Satchandi Havan:

This havan is done to please the angelic mother, who is also the presenter of humankind. In navratri as Path of Durga Sptasathi are done. it is powerful sacrificial ritual that also contains the strength of mantra chanting of Durga Spthsthi Paath, people do the pooja on th auspicious time like Navratri and Subh Nakthra.The Satchandi Ygya with Samputit path is worship of goddess as a mother. it is carring out to allow the Attention of goddess Durga the optimum source of energy in the world. Samputit path by skilled pundit ji who are well versed of very auspicious and each elements of yagya has its own importance. The pooja items used in yagya represent the beautiful gifts offer to mother. .

Positive effects:

Yagya makes us spiritually and mentally strong. the Sath Chandi Yagya with samputit path is the calmness of life. It free from Debts, prevent all types of witchcraft (jadu tona). The yagya allows the prosperity, authority and power. It gives Slips energy and open the path of salvation and helps in defeating enemies of our life.